Life Coaching~ Live the life you imagine

Along with Reiki and guiding meditations, I am a life coach. I have been lucky to find careers that make my heart smile and my soul soar. I want to give you a little insight into life coaching and its benefits.

Life coaching helps individuals live happily and passionately through the use of cognitive behavioral approaches and the law of attraction targeting different key areas of life (relationships, health, career, prosperity) to attract the desires they have and shift their energy vibrations to travel at higher, positive frequency. In essence, our thought patterns dictate what we attract into our lives. What you send off to the Universe is what you will bring back into your life, intentional or unintentional. Life Coaching allows individuals to align their thoughts, feelings and emotions with their beliefs in order to create and attract their desires.

Through Vibrational Matching, a holistic approach based on principles of well-being and abundance, individuals’ energy vibration rises to travel at a higher frequency and allows them to open up to their true desires. The four steps in Vibrational Matching are:

  • Create Feel-Good Moments {doing things that make us happy lift our energy vibrations}.
  • Identifying Your Desires {creating a wish list of our desires helps in opening our awareness of what exactly we want in life and attracting it}.
  • Activating Your Intentions {An intention is the coupling of a strong desire with a strong belief that you can have that desire. Using the desires from the wish list, I work with individuals in raising their belief that they can have the life they desire and create intentions that in accordance with each other.}
  • Release the Outcome {Individuals send off their intentions to the Universe and open themselves to receiving their desires at the perfect timing}.

Through life coaching, individuals work on releasing negative emotions, focusing on the positive in their lives, and opening themselves to accepting to learn from experiences and people that come into their lives, being compassionate of what you or others have attracted. I guide and support the individual in identifying and clarifying what he or she wants to achieve, and support him or her in becoming self aware and open-minded.

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