Spiritual Mentor Services

I include a variety of modalities into my sessions, unique to each individual and their intention for the session. Law of Attraction Coaching is to guide individuals in achieving their most desired goals, meanwhile raising their energy vibrations and clarifying what they truly desire.

Writing Healing is a session with a combination of meditation and writing/journaling, then working together to release those emotions and experiences. Writing is a healing technique that opens us to overcome struggles, difficult experiences, and forgive. Our self-expression is our most intimate gift.

Family Constellation is a beautiful healing modality that links to our ancestors and family system. Becoming conscious of the imitating beliefs we have inherited from our ancestors due to blind loyalty and love, we can break away from the chains that hold us and compassionately and lovingly return to our ancestors what is not ours. In realizing where the flow of love was broken in our family system, we can heal and free ourselves, as well as past and future generations, from emotions that limit our evolution and divine growth.

Sessions can be done in person or via video chat.

Law of Attraction Coaching (60 minute session)

Writing Healing Sessions (60 minute session)

Family Constellation

Energy Healing (60 minute session)


To schedule an appointment or learn more, contact me at fabilouslife@yahoo.com