Fear for the Unknown


Lately I’ve been rooted, stuck in place with gripping quicksand. Not the type of grounded where confidence rules you and your root chakra is aligned. Mine is shaken, all the way up to my core, where I’ve teetered between who I remember and who I’ve become because of the fear. Despite daily affirmations and weekly intentions, I have struggled to find my footing. 

Digging deep within and exploring our darkest corners can shake us. Finding what is hidden in our souls can tempt to break us. But our courage can strengthen us. Allow us to stand up and fight the demons taunting us and challenges holding us back. 

My wings are itching to fly, take me to new grounds and newer experiences. I’m itching to break the limitations I’ve created and soar. 

Who doesn’t want that freedom? 

Yet, the unknown can be intimidating. It can hold us back from finding greatness because we prefer to stay comfortable. However, I vowed to break this new routine—a routine that goes against my being. I vowed to remind myself of the strength I have always carried, the wilderness that has always guided me, and return to the free-spirit that has longed to wander this earth with an open and wild heart.

Trusting the universe, and allowing for what’s in my heart to manifest, gives me the freedom to flap those wings and understand the balance between soaring amongst the stars and returning to my home on Earth to ground and recharge. Believe in my dreams and accomplish my goals. Most importantly, live the life I have always dreamed of. The life I deserve. The life I have ached to experience.

It is so much easier to allow the weightless wings to guide you than the weight of fear to control you.

We can have all we want if we remove the uncertainty of the unfamiliar and explore it with an open mind.


A Year of Change

Motivation Monday

Hope everyone had a great weekend! At the beginning of a new work week, keep calm and stay positive towards all experiences you come across. When it comes to following your dreams, do so with an open heart and mind. I love the saying, “Don’t quit your daydream.” It resonates with me on so many levels. Our daydreams are what we carry in our hearts, our truth embedded in our souls. When we set the intention to follow our dreams, the universe works in our favor. Work hard {because everything we desire we must work toward} for what your heart desires, and like the quote on the image says, “go after it with all your heart.”

girl motivation Allow yourself to open up to the experiences you come across and take with you the lessons, for they are in your life as a part of your journey. Life isn’t a straight, flat plain, but a mountainous surface that keeps us inspired and motivated to climb and reach the top. We may have our ups and downs, but if we go after our daydream with all our heart, the journey is so worth exploring. Stay true to yourself and what you most wish for, releasing the stress and what-ifs that can sometimes enter our minds and control our situation. Live a life full of meaning and compassion, grateful for each opportunity you come across.

Have a beautiful week!